Keep Public Money in Public Schools (talking points)

YESRequired by law to accept all students, including those with disabilitiesNO
YESSubject to Iowa open meetings and public records requirementsNO
YESAccountable to Iowa taxpayers and votersNO
YESProhibited from charging additional fees other than those allowed (textbook and lunch)NO
YESAdminister standardized test as required by the state and share all the results with the public so they can compare resultsNO
YESRequired to report data to the state regarding achievement gaps or disproportionate results for studentsNO
YESRequired by law to have Iowa licensed teachers and provide background checks for employeesNO
YESGoverned by publicly elected school boardsNO
YESAll meetings of the school board open to the publicNO
YESSchool budgets approved in a hearing open to the publicNO
YESRequired by law to provide transportation to and from school for students with some exceptionsNO
YESAccept private school students for classes, activities, or sports not offered at the private schoolNA